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As part of our consultancy work we principally provide business workflow analysis.  Whether it be a single procedure within a company or the whole business itself, we identify, examine and classify the roles that people undertake and the data that they use.  From this, the sequence, efficiency and effectiveness of the work can then be analysed and changes modelled.

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Business Ethics


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assessment guidelines

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The company warrants that the information supplied in this document is a true statement of fact and has been reviewed and authorised by the company as witnessed by the director responsible for compliance with company's ethical standards.

Responsible director
Business Title

assessment guidelines

The company must have a statement of its ethical standards that is available to the public and produced under the authority of a named director. Enter the name of the director, the directors job title and the date on which this information is supplied.



Please upload copies (in PDF format) of the company's ethics policies and standards.


assessment guidelines

Under Section 7 of the Bribery Act it is an offence for a commercial organisation to fail to prevent bribery. The key defence is evidencing “adequate procedures” to prevent bribery. These procedures may take the form of a written policy, a method for applying and monitoring the policy and a method for reviewing the effectiveness of the policy and changing the policy itself.

Use the link to select files from your computer for upload to this system, You can upload more than one document.



How and how often does the company formally monitor compliance with its ethics policies and procedures?

Compliance monitoring procedure
Compliance monitoring frequency

assessment guidelines

Use the "Compliance monitoring procedure" box to describe the process and people responsible for monitoring company employees and agents act in compliance with the company's policies and procedures. Include details of how the company's employees are informed and trained in applying the policies and procedures.

Use the "Compliance monitoring frequency" box to describe how often the company's monitoring procedure is applied. For periodic reviews summarise how often the reviews occur and how long the review and change process is usually takes. For procedures that would require continuous monitoring (e.g. employee conduct and performance) identify how the company with employee or third party complaints as to company ethics.



How and how often does the company review and update its ethical standards and its compliance procedures?

Change management procedure
Change management frequency

assessment guidelines

Use the "Change management procedure" box to describe the process and people responsible for reviewing the completeness, effectiveness and relevance of the company's ethics policies.

Use " Change management frequency" box to describe how often the company reviews its policies and how long the review and update process is expected to take.