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Disruptive technology is good, yes? Animal spirits driving progress, wealth creation and quality of life. Are we now so sure? Uncertainty is disruptive and in UK, rights to travel work, trade and live a family life are in question. Where does business go?

"Hang tough and be ready", that works, but beware, the data march on.  The transformation of the way we communicate, trust and share isn't stopping soon. Good business will always be about happy customers, workers and suppliers. But the more the chat bots, the data integration and the AI, the less people will talk, the fewer people we will know and the more trust will be eroded.  

Not all businesses are asleep though.  The answers come in a single vision for what data are collected, created, processed and communicated.  And yes, we all want our data to be secure and only shared where trust is established.  Media can do that, but each business needs to own and implement its own vision.