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Let's be straight - management consultancy borrows your watch to tell you the time.  If the watch is working and will continue to work, why bother?  Well, because if you are not a watchmaker, how would you know and why would you guess?

We work on businesses improvement.  Its starts with the people, workers, cutomers, suppliers, classifying their roles, identifying the work flows and how data are used.  It produces a business model described by entities (people, companies, organisations, groups of any kind) assets (records that stand for things, actions, properties, inanimate objects of any kind) and the relationships between them.

What the business does, from the simplest task to the whole business vision, can be easily expressed and understood in terms of assets, entities and relationships.  Working with the business, paths to greater efficiencies, higher quality, cost reduction or revenue growth, emerge natuarally from these models.